I’m a DC –> LA –> DC-based video producer and writer, currently working as an associate producer at Green Buzz Agency.

Previously, I was in-house producing, editing and animating at MicroStrategy, where I made videos about data. Before that (and a cross-country move), I was at Intuit, producing videos for QuickBooks in LA (and London, and Australia, and a killer-bee farm in Tucson. I’m willing to travel.) I’ve also lead writing teams for a variety of new media projects, including YouTube’s premium video initiative, and have helped develop and launch video content strategies and programming.

You can email me here, connect with me on Linkedin or shout across the void on Twitter (come for the shouting, stay for my Nora Ephron evangelism, old-school media trivia and cat gifs).

P.S. In my spare time, I like to make horse bets on domain names. If you came here by way of one of them, and want to chat, shoot me an email.